Renate Kahlke


Awards & Funding


Kahlke, R., LaDonna, K., Cristancho, S., Maggio, L., Horsley, T. & Varpio, L. (2019-2020). Interview Elicitation Techniques in Health Professions Education Research: An Integrative Review. Society for Directors of Research in Medical Education Research Review/Synthesis Grant ($4000+$1000 (travel))

Hubinette, M., Kahlke, R. & Scott, I. (2016-2018). Physicians’ health advocate role: Formal and informal learning. Royal College/Associated Medical Services (AMS) CanMEDS Research Development Grant ($24, 700)*

Hubinette, M., Kahlke, R., Scott, I., Van der Goes, T. & Beerman, S. (2016-2017). Residents’ health advocate role: Contextual learning. UBC Faculty of Medicine Distributed Medical Education Research Grant ($10, 000)*

*I co-led the development and submission of these grants and continue to co-lead these research projects with Dr. Hubinette.

Scholarships and Awards

2014. Profiling Alberta’s Graduate Students Award ($1,300)

2014-2015. SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship ($20,000)

2014. President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction ($10,000)

2013. Dr. Peggy Quinney Doctoral Scholarship ($3,000)

2013-2014: Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)

2012-2015. University of Alberta Graduate Research Assistant Bursary ($600-800/month)

2006-2007. McMaster Graduate Teaching Scholarship ($5,000)

2005. Patricia M Ball Prize (Best submission in romantic literature, University of Leeds) (£75)